Evolution Of The Helpcare Industry Post Covid

The 2019 Wuhan originated corona virus pandemic led to certain significant lifestyle changes across the globe. People started adapting more of online and e communication methods as well as remote services instead of sticking to the regular in person service options to minimize and completely eliminate, in certain cases, the risk of infection. Many services started going remote however one sector which no one could have imagined can go remote was the healthcare sector. The healthcare and Helpcare sector was the most important sector during what we now call as covid times. However what bought about this transition of a sector that no one thought could adapt a new way? How did covid force doctors to work out of their homes just like every other working class citizen and how much of it was practically possible? Let us understand that with the help of this article.

Can a doctor perform your checkup over the phone Or a laptop?


The job of a doctor is to check out the symptoms of their patients, examine them and then give a thorough diagnosis along with a treatment plan and a course of action. In order to be precise in their examination, a doctor needs to physically view a patient’s symptoms. That is not really practically possible in an online consultation? The answer is that it’s not. Online consultations are not used by patients to get a diagnosis of what they consider to be major problems but rather minor coughs and colds.

Many doctors and dermatologists provide online consultation facilities. For these facilities they also charge less than what they would charge from a visiting patient as fee. While more and. More people today are adopting online consultation procedure, a majority of the population still trusts a physical in person visit to the doctor only

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