Unique Tamil Movies That You Should Never Miss

Whisking a lot of emotions, these are the best Tamil action movies. Their action timings are perfect and rekindle drama within you. They are unique to watch and give you a sense of triumph over evil.

Here we have written unique Tamil action movies you cannot afford to miss.

  1. BheemlaNayak

It is an action-packed, thrilling movie wherein an ex-army wannabe politician confronts a sincere and upright cop and what happens next is sure to delight you. It is the best Tamil action movie to watch.

  1. Dhool

Dhool is a story wherein the protagonist comes to the city to raise his voice against water pollution in the village. However, he wrestled with corrupt politicians and rowdies to get justice. But will he get justice? Watch this action film to know more.

Unique Tamil Movies That You Should Never Miss

  1. Sivaji

It is the story of a software engineer who arrives to serve the nation with his knowledge to contribute to its welfare. But corrupt politicians blocked his way. Despite all this, his repeated attempts made him march towards victory.

  1. Ammuchi 2

Whenever Arun visits Kodangipalayam, problems arise naturally, and Ammuchi solves them. Watch this movie to discover the problems that Arun creates and how they are solved. It is a must-watch movie.

  1. Kuthukku Pathu

It is a story woven around chaos caused in the city of Chennai by the youth. The chaos is a consequence of an innocent love story that extends from a fistfight and ends in murder. It is a dark humour-led story that is filled with action and drama. You can view it on AHA OTT.

  1. Kuruthi Aattam

The story is about a ward boy who becomes a close friend of Muthu, the son of a kingpin in Madurai. He then gets involved in a blood bath and stumbles between betrayal and friendship. It is a story of revenge that focuses on a power-packed performance.

  1. Alluri

It is a top-action Telugu movie that depicts a truthful police officer who never compromises with injustice. He reprimands the sinners in his manner, and as a result, he gets transferred to various places. It is an action-packed film that showcases the challenges faced by police officers personally and professionally.

These are the best Telugu film planted with emotion, drama, and action. You can watch all of them on the aha ott. The platform gives you the best experience.

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