Ingredients in Natural Supplements for ADHD That Really Work

A lot of parents are opting to give their children natural supplements rather than put them on medication to treat or reduce symptoms of ADHD. Parents and teens alike can find a variety of ingredients from herbs, minerals, and amino acids that are advertised to help improve focus, concentration, attention span, self-regulation skills, moods and energy levels; however, many do not know where to start. Here are the ingredients for natural supplements that really help.

Fish Oil

This is one of natural supplements for ADHD that really work and can be found in many health stores. It is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for brain function, heart health and also promote a healthy immune system. Some research also suggest that fish oil may help children with ADHD. It is a must-have for individuals with ADHD or anyone who participates in sports.

B vitamins

natural adhd supplements

A great source of B vitamins comes in the form of liquid vitamins. The B vitamin complex is essential for brain function and can help improve focus and concentration in children with ADHD. Children who take these vitamins have been shown to have positive results after taking them consistently for two weeks, although the effects do not tend to last long after the child stop taking the vitamins.


Research shows that magnesium may be helpful for children with ADHD and studies show positive results after taking the supplement. Magnesium is said to reduce ADHD symptoms and improve the child’s emotional regulation by reducing anger, sadness and stress levels.


This is another natural supplement that really works. Melatonin can help improve sleep patterns in children with ADHD and improves the child’s ability to stay awake as well as stay focused and concentrated throughout the day. Some research also suggest that children and teens with ADHD may benefit from melatonin if they are to take it right before bedtime.

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