Telemedicine can be the new Normal in the Help care system

Covid-19 is the worst thing that happens to a human being after a world war. Lakhs of death, crores of patients, a down economy, a troubled world, isolation, depression, and many more things from which humans are gone. Covid-19 has the most negative impact on mankind. Although covid 19-is all known for its negative behavior toward mankind. But on the brighter side, it has some positive results in the HelpCare system. And one example of that positive impact is growing of the telemedicine technique.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a method or technique developed or experimented with by various hospitals and medicals in the early 1950 to start a facility that allows sharing various medical-related images and information via wire landline services. And these days, telemedicine is one of the growing techniques used by doctors who want to connect with specialists living at the other end of the world.

Reason for the telemedicine growth

The rural area is underdeveloped because of the absence of necessary facilities. Hospitals are also one of them; even though there is a rural hospitals, the technologies and machines are not efficient enough to cure or detect severe diagnostic problems. In most case, patient in rural area dies because they don’t get proper treatment due to a lack of healthcare reactionaries. And it’s impossible to build technologically advanced and complex machines in every area because they cost a lot and usage is limited. But rural people’s health is also essential. So to overcome this problem, this telemedicine technique is invented, which is getting highly beneficial for the ruler sider nowadays, village side doctors can easily connect with the specialist all around the world and effectively discuss the patient problem, send reports for the test, request the result, medicines, order the urgently required prescription and many other things with the help of this telemedicine techniques.


How did covid-19 become beneficial to telemedicine?

Advance feature this telemedicine provides is the facility of providing healthcare and medicine treatment to the health sufferer directly to their home, offices, and any other premise where they belong, and that’s why in covid -19 period, usage of telemedicine got increased because it becomes the practical alternative to the traditional hospital seeking treatment, as patient directly and virtually get treated from their remote place without making any human-contact which is beneficial for them as well as surrounding one.

So, even though this technique was tried in 1950 but in covid-19, this method got the recognition it deserved; it makes clinical services possible for the patient so that patients don’t need hospital every time they get sick.  This software and electronics communication engaging technique includes beneficial usage such as specials consultant, medication management, follow-up visits, management of the chronic condition, and many other clinical services that can be carried out virtually with the help of secure audio-video engagement.

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