Mouth-Watering Authentic Dish with a Creative Touch

Check out Chiang Rai’s famous Nasiremat recipe at Eason now.

In lavender, Nazi Lemac celebrates chef Noor’s creative cuisine. Add a unique touch to the familiar taste. The result: full of Thai Nazi Remac. If you are looking for a place other than Yishun Park Hawker Centre for people living in northern Singapore, then you won’t want to miss this place. If you want to try the Thai nasilemak chicken, you don’t have to look for it again! They at lavendernasilemak will serve you the best as they are the place to be for this dish.

The raw material of the best quality

Check out the green peas slices, Bella canchili, mango salad, special chicken wings, and the menu!


40 years of food culture from Thailand to Singapore


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Chef’s speciality

Inspired by Thai villagers

The popular nasi lemak chicken is seasoned with crispy skin. Bring out the fragrant taste of nasi lemak dishes. Served with special Bellagan chilli, you can eat it right away! They have made the authentic dish available. Serving it to the masses carries the recipe forward and makes the dish alive and popular.

Try out their dessert menu.

They have much more to offer than just their famous and signature nasilemak flavours. Remember, there is always room for candy. There is also a classic mango salad with fresh fruits. Suitable for a warm climate. What are you waiting for? Once selected, an appetizing adventure begins!

Prompt delivery

Can be delivered from selected partners.

Best of all, you can now enjoy your favourite lavender as remac dishes anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your home. They use Grabfood in Singapore and many other places. Satisfy your craving for nasi lemak. Just order online, and it will be delivered immediately. They have partnered up with one of the top delivery services that will get you your dish on time and hot for you to indulge in. 

Business hours

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They at lavendernasilemak pride themselves in excellent customer cate service. You can reach out to them via their contact number +65 8021 6963 or their email They always respond very amiably. They are friendly and courteous. It is the best and trusted café for a reason. Enjoyed by everyone, it is a very popular local hotspot.

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