Planning and Designing an Excellent Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens must be carefully planned to ensure optimal use of space and so that chefs can easily access everything to work efficiently in them. You should properly plan and design your ideal commercial kitchen and how to find a great team of kitchen designers in your area.

Commercial kitchen equipment, namely commercial refrigeration equipment, flatbread machines, pantry, display cabinets, storage compartments. Take, for example, bakery and confectionery products. There will be equipment made from high-quality display counters, glass display cases, and much more in great demand.

Space size

The first step in creating the perfect commercial kitchen is to calculate the exact amount of space you will need to work with by using a tape measure to measure the room’s length, width, and height. You can then use these measurements to create your reduced plan for the kitchen area. You should also include room features in your floor plans, such as low ceilings, doors, windows, vents, and built-in closets.

Another more advanced option is to insert these measurements into your 3D design software. This program will create a picture of the room on your computer, and it will also allow you to experiment with different design elements.

Necessary equipment

The next step is to list all the commercial kitchen equipment that is essential in your kitchen. You can also have a separate list of the equipment you need, but this is unnecessary if you have space or storage problems.


Once you have a paper or software plan and a list of equipment you want to include in your kitchen design, you are ready to start experimenting with the layout and placement of various items. You can be inspired by searching for images of your favorite commercial kitchens. You can also examine the dimensions of the kitchen equipment you need.

Try to organize them differently in the room, remembering to leave enough space for the chefs to work freely. If you are having trouble putting all of your gear in one room, you might consider making a custom kit that can combine multiple items in a smaller space. A design professional will also be able to help you maximize the space available in your konsep cloud kitchen area.

Once you have created your design, you are ready to hand it over to a professional design team to advise whether your design is functional and can be realistically adjusted. Buy commercial cookware, and where you can order custom-made stainless steel countertops and accessories if required.


The best place to find commercial kitchen vendors and design groups is the Internet. Just open your favorite browser and enter “commercial kitchen design” for the city, town, or country you live in. All major companies have websites where you can view detailed information about the products and services they offer, along with details on how to contact them.

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