Restoring Pgm – A Knowhow

The high pollution levels all over the Planet have sent alarm bells ringing everywhere. Somnolent governments which previously sidestepped the issue in favor of Big Business, suddenly find themselves face-to-face with the righteous anger of a suffering population. But this has caused a proliferation of PGM (Platinum Metal Group) based Catalytic Converters in order to drastically improve automotive air pollution. Unfortunately, as a side-effect, this has resulted in huge amounts of spent or expired Catalytic Converters which need platinum group metals recovery.

The Leader

There are now several PGM industries internationally. But the industry leader is a Malaysian company with massive facilities that are all-inclusive at a single location (in Malaysia), and offer a complete service to Customers worldwide. The service commences from consultation, negotiation, collection, transportation, sampling, analysis, processing, packaging, and even delivery and return back to the Customer if so desired.

The Services

The range of platinum group metal recovery  and management services provided by the Malaysian company cover all aspects of the job, and include teaching the Customer how best to manage Cash Flow, and prosper by steady increase of Buying Capacity. These Services cover all the normal needs and requirements, but also some quite unusual angles. The platforms for these Services include the environmental and the economic.  The Services provided can even extend to The Financial Advice extends to brokerage where necessary, in order to minimize the adverse effects of price fluctuations. The availability of Hedge Funds shelter the Customer from market pitfalls, and provide better cash flow, so that the buying capacity of the Customer is drastically increased.

platinum group metals recovery

The Global Network

The company is closely inter-related with a Global Network of the finest and most admired Refineries and the leading Logistics companies involved in the line of Metal Recovery in order to augment their sourcing of both raw materials and structured data for extracting both the Precious Metals as well as  Data insights.

The Program

The “Precious Metals Recovery “ Program administered by this leading Malaysian company provides management services for Customers. Extremely accurate and composite analysis is provided by this vastly experienced team to create an informative Database that will cover all angles of this business. The Customer’s cash flow problems can be further eased significantly by the attractive option of Financial Leasing at very desirable rates offered by the Financial Team of this company. Customized options to cover all areas of the Customer’s needs have been planned, and will be offered on request.

The Metal Exchange

In addition, there is a powerful Metal Exchange set up by the company in 2018, which is created as a sister company to the original facility. This offers great growth opportunities in precious Metals Trading in the whole Asia Pacific Region.

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