Top gift ideas for 1-year old baby

Here, your little one, your baby who was born yesterday will already be 1-year old tomorrow. It happened so quickly! To celebrate it as it should be, you have planned a small party, a cake, a nice decoration and a candle. But you also need a gift. Click here for baby store hk.

The motor skills toy

Like the pull-on rod for example. A calm and intelligent activity which allows the child to concentrate and work on fine motor skills. Visit this site for baby shower gift.

A table or an abacus of activities

Ideal to offer a small child of 1 year a multitude of activities gathered in one place. He will be able to familiarize himself with colors, movements, embedding, even sounds, sometimes. Enough to keep him occupied without getting bored too quickly.

A doll

Because even little ones love to imitate what they see, giving them a doll can be a great idea… and don’t think that only little girls like to play with dolls, feed them, walk them, dress them up. Little boys love it too … as long as they are given the opportunity.

A book

At one year old, we like to discover, we like to explore so don’t hesitate to offer hardback books that the child can handle without risking damaging them.

The extra thing: Think of the imagers who will help him enrich his vocabulary by hearing you say words that he will enjoy repeating later.

baby store hkSensory blocks

You may not know because we often privilege sight or hearing in the activities offered to children from 1 year. However, there are also toys that will allow him to discover different textures and improve his sense of touch.

A scalable tricycle or a balance bike

A good investment for a birthday present for 1-year old baby can be a scalable tricycle. First of all, a tricycle that you push, growing up your child can then use it on a balance bike (bicycle without pedals powered with the child’s legs) and then on a bicycle with pedals.

A trolley

If you are looking for a gift for a child who is not a walker, you can gift him a trolley. This small cart will allow it to move by pushing it, so it will be more stable to start on its two feet. And more often than not, in the cart, he will be able to move his adored toys and stuffed animals… success guaranteed!

A toy chest

If the child already has everything, why not offer him a toy chest to store all his toys. A useful and lasting gift that will certainly be appreciated by parents… as well as by children.

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