How Does Music Influence Generations? Check Out This Post

If you’re in the middle of your teenage years right now, chances are that you’re in the digital age, you’re part of the generation known as Gen Z. There is a common misunderstanding between Gen Z and Millennials.

Millennials are the ones who are born during the 1980s and the 1990s while Gen Z is the ones who are born in the late ’90s and early 2000s depending on what pop-culture, historical influence, and most of all music preference they have grown up with.

These terms that separate the youth and young adults are usually referred to their taste of lifestyle and music preferences.

Music has been around even since before written language was just a mere idea for civilized societies. It even probably started when ancient Homo Sapiens were just yelling around, but now, music is very accessible everywhere you go and it also became so attainable which allowed music to expand to more and more genres, more artists, and a lot more sounds. However, the great debate of who is the best artist in the world is still a widely disputed conversation that needs to cool down, especially among the Gen Z kids.

preferred music

There are a lot of different types of music so it’s difficult to decide if there isa single person or a single group that ranks number 1 is very implausible while there are some adults or other fellow Gen Z people that believed this discussion is just a waste of time. It’s totally irrelevant; however, it’s undeniable that music has shaped our generation more than any other aspects in life, solely because of how the technology changes also the way of your life regardless if you’re a hardcore pop music fan or someone who is laid back and prefers to listen to alternative music.

Music is not just another way to soothe yourself or pump yourself up during your workout. However, it has become a way of our life. It has become so influential that it has become part of our life and when a certain song comes on the radio, you can instantly remember exactly where you heard it first, or simply feel nostalgic listening to it either positively or have the feeling of disgust.

Whatever you feel when you listen to music, the fact that you felt something is already an impact in your life.

If you notice someone who is totally focused on a certain task, the odds are that they probably on their headphones listening to their preferred music. Music is impactful to our lives that we cannot fully focus all our time and energy into something without listening to music in some instances because we believe that music empowers us because of not just the beats, but also the lyrics and the depth of the message that the music tries to tell us except for mumble rappers and K-pop bands that continues to plague the music industry producing crappy singles that are being patronized by the vast majority of Gen Z folks.

So, how does music affect and influence your life?

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