Young boys prefer middle aged women

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There is a tendency among the younger generation that is on the rise. A recent study shows that young guys in the age group of 16-25 prefer to have relationship with 熟女 rather than choosing a young beautiful girl. This result has raised many eyebrows and young girls seem to be broken due to the results it has exposed. Is there any particular reason for young guys to prefer middle aged woman rather than choosing a young and beautiful chick? Yes, there is more than one reason for this behavior. Let’s see some of the reasons for this strange behavior which is on the rise among young guys.

Healthy sex

First and foremost reason is that young guys don’t need to spend much for the middle aged woman compared to young girls. Second thing is the middle aged woman will have experience in all the areas including the sex which will help the guys. Those women knows what exactly the requirement of the guy and will be able to help them. They will be experienced professional in sex with lot of hands on experience and will be able to provide better time and co operation in sex. With their experience they will make the young men stay hard for long time and their body will be able to handle the young guys better than the young girls who may new to sex and can’t stand for long time which may make young people unhappy. Also another factor is that mature woman due to hormones that grow after marriage has beautiful outlook which attracts the young generation more than young girls. Young guys like women who have curvy body more than the people who have model like body which is skinnier. Also the co operation they provide in bed during sexual act make the guys vote for them more.