Sex toys to enjoy the ultimate pleasure

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People use sex toys to enjoy the pleasure when they are alone. Sex is a pleasure to be experienced with the sexual partner but still the person that has no sexual partner to get engaged sexually prefer masturbation. Such people could feel the pleasure of sex in masturbation and they are ready to feel the utmost pleasure so they choose sex toys. Masturbation can be done using bare hands but to increase the pleasure and to feel it realistic people use sex toys.

Sex relationship

Different ways

One of the important aspect of sex toy is that it is not only use for self-stimulation but also to stimulate each other. People use sex toys with their sexual partner to have fun and absolute pleasures. As far as sex is concerned it can be enjoyed in different ways and in order to try different ways to enjoy the pleasures people use sex toys for each other. For instance women enjoy G spot stimulation as it will give them unspeakable pleasures. So men use vibrator for the women to massage the G spot to make her feel the pleasures. She will be taken out of the world when her man used sex toys for her.

Sex toy for men and women

The sex toy that men uses is called as masturbator which is in the shape of vagina and will be surrounded by a cylindrical tube like structure. The cylindrical enclose is to give grip for men to jerk the toy in the penis. The masturbator gives realistic feeling for him and he feels like having intercourse with her. Likewise she uses dildo or vibrator. Dildo resembles the penis and she will insert it in her vagina to masturbate to feel the pleasure as if she has intercourse with him. The vibrator is used to enjoy the massage in the G spot, vaginal lips and other parts.